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We hope you find some of these links useful

The Methodist Church

The Methodist Church Connexion is worldwide and our Church is part of the Methodist Church of Great Britain: www. and the Newcastle upon Tyne District:


Within the District we are part of the East Durham Methodist circuit:

which covers local Methodist churches in the Houghton le Spring and Seaham areas.


Here are their web links:

We also collaborate with the Methodist Church in nearby Chester-le-Street, so take a look at and Re:new, their cafe church group:

Charities we support

There are many great Charities of course, but here are some our Members support.

 Foodbank We collect food and deliver it to one of the local drop off centres which can be found here:
The People's Kitchen in Newcastle provides a vital lifeline of food, friendship and a future to the disadvantaged, homeless and vulnerable:
The Leprosy Mission is still fighting to eradicate this terrible disease:

Macmillan There has never been a better reason to have a coffee:

Christian Aid continues to share God's love with some of the poorest communities in the world

Christian Learning

If this is something which interests you or you are just curious about what Christianity is about then check out the wealth of resources and information at CWR was founded by Rev Dr Selwyn Hughes, originally a young miner in South Wales, who trained to become a Minister but then felt called by God to deliver a wider ministry, beginning CWR in 1965.

Alternatively, you could take a look at Alpha explores life and the Christian faith in a friendly open and informal environment - and short courses are held all over the UK. Details of local courses are on the website.

And don't forget, the Bible is available FREE online. With the YouVersionApp you can read, watch, listen and share on computer, tablet or smartphone. It's all there at

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